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St. Johns County Science Fair

State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida

Landrum Middle School Science Fair   November 16, 2018

On Friday, November 16th, more that 100 Landrum Middle School students competed in the Annual Landrum Science Fair.  80 projects were judged in five different categories. 

Landrum congratulates all of our student scientists!

Award winners were (purple indicates selections for St. Johns County Science Fair):

Behavioral 1

1st –  Ella McCarthy & Lily Darnell                            Hear the Rainbow

2nd – Sarah Wicker & Josie Sagasser                        Eyewitness…or Do I?   

3rd – Molly Schmachtenberger & Ella Geric           Cellular Phones: Our Biggest Distraction?

HM – Devon Papock                                                  How Old Are Your Ears?

HM – Chloe & Maddie Simon                                  Does Personality Affect Spatial Awareness?

HM – Ellie Pinnar                                                        Taste: to see or not to see?

Behavioral 2

1st – Mina Salonius                                                     Time to Emote: Girls vs. Boys

2nd – Oscar D’Amato                                                  Peer Inferiority Effort Study

3rd – Charlotte King                                                    Are Adults or Children More Gender Biased?

HM – Isabella Toby & Kate Halter                           Frozen vs. Fresh Carrots

HM – Cali Rosberg                                                     It’s Written in the Stars


Life Science

1st – Carli Smith                                                         Is Blue My Dog’s Favorite Color?

2nd – Hope Freedman and Dixie Wallerius            Lettuce Grow!

3rd – Zara Khan                                                            Evaluating the use of Ultraviolet Radiation for the Destruction of Infectious Organisms in the Home

HM – Eli Impey & C.J. Joyner                                   The Effect of High Decibels of Sound on Plants

HM – John Deutch & Jack Gore                               How Does Aspirin Affect the Growth of a Plant?

Environmental Science

1st – Sai Pranati Prakash                                            The Menace of Microplastics and How to Eliminate It

2nd – Alexis C. Magnano & Megan C. Landis          Big Things Come in Small Packages: Can Nanotechnoloy Be Used to Clean Our Oceans?

3rd – Emil Dorairaj                                                      The Effects of Artificial Lighting on Sea Turtle Nesting in St. Johns County

HM – Smith Bradshaw                                              The “Acidic” Ocean

HM – Andrew Liu                                                       Surf’s Up!  Hurricane Path and Groundswell Arrival

HM – Tim Ralph                                                          Plastics


1st – Foster Keebaugh                                                Does Distance Matter: Implications of Inductive Charging Technology to Recharge Implanted Medical Devices              

2nd – Harjun Singh & Callum Dwyer                        Science of Soundproofing

3rd – Carter Magnano                                                Maximizing the Output of Solar Panels with Mirrors

HM – Bella Salzbrunn                                                The Geometry of Goal Scoring in Soccer

HM – Melissa Marino                                                Bouncing Tennis Balls: Hot, Cold, Warm, Frozen.  What’s the Difference?


1st – Emmery Harrington and Aubrie Ricchini       The Effects of the Concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide on Tea Stained Egg Shells

2nd – Lucille Sinavsky                                                 Vitamin C in Foods!  Is it Affected by Temperature or Not?

3rd – Justin Bonn                                                         Neutralization Reactions and changes in pH and Temperature

HM – Miller Wilson                                                    Does an Increase in the SPF of Sunscreen Increase the Blockage of UV Rays?

HM – Katie Natour                                                     Baking Powder: Does More Do More?

Date Topic Tasks to complete by next Tuesday
6 November (Tues.)
  • Discuss Abstract
  • Look at example abstracts


  • Write an abstract for your experiment.
  • Print 5 paper copies: one for your backboard, one for your binder and BRING 3 COPIES TO MR. ANZELMO NEXT TUESDAY!
13 November (Tues.)
  • Deliver 3 PAPER COPIES of your Abstract to Mr. Anzelmo.  DO NOT EMAIL THEM!
  • Discuss expectations for the day of the Science Fair.


 Official Abstract Form 2019
15 November (Thurs.) FINAL PROJECT due.  Deliver to Mr. Anzelmo  
16 November (Fri.)

SCIENCE FAIR!  Judging from 8-12 in Landrum Multi-purpose room

OPEN HOUSE and Awards from 6-7 PM in Multi-purpose room.

Links related to your final project: 

Participant Instructions for the Day of the Fair

Backboard requirements

Binder requirements

Official Abstract Form 2019

What do I need to do to participate in the Science Fair?

  1. Come up with a project idea.
  2. Attend Science Fair checkpoint meetings starting Tuesday, August 21st
  3. Complete background research and develop a research plan.
  4. Complete all required paperwork and get project approval.
  5. Conduct experiment, create a backboard, and compete in the Science Fair Friday, November 16th.


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