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Jan 22 Deadline to apply to High School Academies

Jan 26 Fellowship Of Christian Athletes

Feb 2 Teacher Inservice Day

Feb 6 Interims Issued

Feb 15 Landrum Yearbooks at $35

Feb 15 Landrum Middle School Yearbook Advertisement Form 2014

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Mission Statement
The St. Johns County School District will inspire good character and a passion for lifelong learning in all students, creating educated and caring contributors to the world.


 Character Counts:  Responsibility Grade Winners




If you have an attendance issue contact Ms. Barbara Cervantez.

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Parents can now pay several types of school fees online as designated by each school. It's quick, easy and convenient.
(NOTE: Continue to make payments for school lunches through the paypams.com website.)

SchoolPay Help Line: 888-88-MYPAY
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Home Access Center allows parents to view their child’s educational information via a secure, password protected website. Eschool contains vital class information to help students including dates and details of upcoming assignments, projects and test dates. Eschool allows teachers to post files like worksheets, PowerPoints or text files containing important class information. Students will find the information just as important as parents.

HAC (eSchool) HELP

Detailed Information about eSchool HACn Portal

Need help? Contact Ms. Cervantez


Cell Phones
Cell phones must be turned off and put away while on campus. Text messages are strictly prohibited. Landrum Middle School will not investigate nor be held responsible for missing or damaged phones. Violation of this policy is considered defiance and could lead to suspension.

Empowering Excellence in Educators
triple-eLearn about St. Johns County School District’s new instructional evaluation system that will advance student growth and academic achievement.