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 2015-2016 School Year!

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Please Check HAC for Homework assignments, Practice Tests, Project Info, Powerpoints, and Sample Reports and much much more

Pearson Book LInk

Schoology Link

Interactive Periodic Table

Study Island LInk

Make up lab for Bottle Rockets

Alternate Sun Diagram Lab

Space Probe Video Link

Space Voyage Links!!!

Amount of Gravitatioal Pull for Planets

Information on Planets, Dwarf Planets, and Planetesimals

Information about Titan

Information on Eris

Information on Haumea

Kahoot Review Game CH 13

Meiosis and Genetics Review Game and Quiz

After you complete all three sections (meiosis, chromosome quandary, and genetics) then you will take the quiz.  Your score in the activities counts as part of your grade.  Complete all sections.  Once you do you want to take the quiz. After the quiz you will be prompted to enter in my email address:

[email protected]

You can also save your game after you submit your score to go back and redo sections and improve your score (up to three submissions max)

Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms

Carbon Cycle Game

Nitrogen Cycle Activity

Most Missed Review Game

Balancing Equations Game

More Balancing Equations

Build and Atom Activity (Link Below)



See new link below to the new textbook by Pearson!!
Link to New Pearson Textbook!!!

Username: 55(followed by the student ID)
Password: Example: JS09172001

John Smith: Birthdate: 09/17/2001

If you would like me to contact you please use the link below!!

Contact Me

Link to Landrum Science Fair Website!!

For the first link click on “Mastering the Abstract Writng Process” in the blue box for abstract writing help.

Power Point on How to Write an Abstract

Science Fair Project Ideas!

Science Fair Project Ideas

Space LInks!!!
Information about plants
Including distances, facts, pictures,and more!
Solar System Exploration

Interactive Space Activities!!
Phases of the moon, doppler effect, climates,and more!!!
Space Interactive Activities

Need More Help on Balancing Chemical Equations!!!
Balancing Chemical Equations  

More Balancing Equations

Quizlet Practice

Username: landrumms
password: lions

Homework Link:
Check the Homework Link to check for assignments and due dates!

Link to Discovery Education
Discovery Education

Directions to Logging Onto Discovery Education

FCAT Practice Test

See Link Below!!!!!

FCAT Practice
More Practice for FCAT!!


Please visit this page often as I will try to keep you informed of the activities in the class and also advise you of events and other information.

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See Downloads Section For a printout of what should be on the backboard and rubric and other sciecne fair information